Friday 20 September 2019

''Reliable', 'speedy' and 'grafter' may not sound like the most exciting words, but when you're snowed under and have a million things to juggle, they are what you really want in a freelance contributor. Steph always delivers good copy on time and without causing me any unnecessary stress. On top of her ability to make my life easier, Steph is creative, funny, as good at ideas she is at finding tricky case studies (and convincing them to talk) and can her turn her hand to a funny column or a serious news report. These are all the reasons why she is a regular and very highly-respected and valued Red contributor.'

Lindsay Frankel, Features Director, Red Magazine

'Stephanie Clarkson is one of the best writers and editors I have ever worked with. Her intelligent and informed copy is consistently flawless and she brings real expertise and energy to everything she does, whether it's a news lead investigative report or first-person feature.'

Nicola Down, Deputy Editor, Top Sante Magazine

'Thank you so much for the beautiful article you published about me and my tea shop in the February edition of Red (pg. 77). It's amazing to think that my grandmother, who was born in 1911, made it into a glossy in 2011! My mum is over the moon and if possible I would very much like to get a copy of the article so that I can frame it as a gift for her. I'd also like a copy to keep. Thanks again and please pop into the teashop to say hello and have a cuppa if you are ever in the area.'

Suzanne Spence, Founder, We are Tea Ltd

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